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Everyday life in the Corona pandemic

What makes family life easier and more colorful

Families in the Corona pandemic: how to survive everyday life well

Parenting is exhausting. Especially during the Corona pandemic. That's when everyday family life can get stressful even faster. Maybe you sometimes wonder how to explain the situation to your child in an age-appropriate way? Or what you can do together so that things don't get boring at home? Or you would like to have well-founded tips on how to deal with family stress? On this page of the Familienportals.NRW you will get many suggestions to make living together in the Corona crisis a little easier and more colorful.


Explanatory films on the most important questions about Corona are provided by the Federal Center for Health Education on the federal government's site.


A child-oriented education is offered by the portal in the category "Films for children". The entertaining video spots contribute to the education around infection protection:

Child-friendly prepared information on the coronavirus also holds the Internet site of the Children's Ministry ready.


The Seitenstark homepage, sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, also offers a Corona special for children with tips for learning and being active, a topic of the week, as well as quizzes and opportunities for sharing.

The website of the Show with the Mouse has videos about Corona. In addition, your child will find laughter and factual stories and much more.

Everyday stories and information about the corona virus for children can also be found on the pages of KiKA. The Kinderkanal is a joint program of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD) and the Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF).

Knowledge about Corona, Corona rules and how to deal with the stresses as a family can be found on the portal Together Against Coronaof the Federal Ministry of Health.

Ideas for families

The National Center for Early Help has compiled ideas and suggestions to help families ease the burden of everyday life with children in the Corona pandemic.

The suggestions are divided into three chapters:

  • Staying strong as a family!
  • Staying relaxed and calm as parents!
  • To do something beautiful together!

All tips can help to cope well with small and big lows. To the ideas for families go here along.


The Federal Center for Nutrition offers tips on how parents can work with children to create family meals.

The mediatheques of public broadcasters also offer many educational resources for homeschooling children.

The Pediatricians on the Net offer advice on how to make family time healthy during the Corona pandemic.

Dealing with stress

The project "Families under Pressure" offers help for dealing with stress and anger in the Corona crisis. The short video clips were compiled by scientists and mental health experts and voiced by various radio and television celebrities.