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Parent burnout - what's behind it?

When parents everything grows over their heads

Help: Mom and Dad can no longer!

Family life can be quite exhausting. The demands are high, the responsibility and everyday tasks are constantly growing. And then there's Corona, too. Many moms and dads feel exhausted, worn down between childcare and household chores, home office and quarantine, and all the little time- and energy-sucking activities of everyday family life. When the personal stress limit is exceeded, parent burnout can result. Read here what is behind it, how you can recognize a burnout and where you can find help.

Where to get help?

If everyday life becomes permanently too much for you and the bad days predominate, then you should seek professional support from experts as soon as possible. The sooner you take the alarm signs seriously and seek help, the better. This is not a sign of weakness, but of strength! A wide range of treatment options lead out of the exhaustion trap, such as psychotherapy with a therapist in private practice, a visit to a day clinic, a stay at a health resort or rehabilitation treatment in a clinic. In acute crises, please contact your family doctor, the nearest psychiatric clinic or the emergency doctor.

More informationLinks for further reading

If you need someone to talk to or are looking for advice, you can call the parents' hotline free of charge. The "Nummer gegen Kummer" is 0800 - 111 0 550.

If you prefer to email or chat, feel free to contact the online counseling service of the Bundeskonferenz für Erziehungsberatung e.V. (bke) at The counseling is free of charge and anonymous if desired.

The telephone consultation of the Federal Center for Health Education BZgA on mental health in the corona pandemic can be reached free of charge by calling 0800 2322783.


You can get free advice from Caritas, the social service of the Catholic Church. You can reach the Caritas online counseling directly via the website or contact a counseling center near you.

You can reach the online counseling service of Diakonie, the social service of the Protestant church, via the website of Diakonie Deutschland.

In acute crisis situations, you can call the telephone counselling service on 0800 111 0 111 or 0800 111 0 222.

With stress in the educating everyday life in these particularly strenuous times the experienced educating experts and - experts help of STEP registered association. The consultation is free, anonymous and country widely attainable under 0211 81 97 10 81.

The info phone of the German Depression Aid can be reached free of charge at 0800 33 44 533. Here you receive both illness and treatment-related information as well as references to points of contact to physicians and therapists.

In a mother or father-child cure you can draw new strength. More information on mother and father cures can be found here on the Familienportal.NRW.