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Financial aid for parents with a disabled child

State support for affected families


State support for affected families

Living with a disabled or chronically ill child not only presents parents with enormous challenges emotionally, mentally and in terms of time. Financially, too, there are often considerable burdens for those affected. To help, parents can take a whole bundle of assistance in claim.


What help can parents of children with disabilities get?

Here you will get a first overview of state benefits as well as references to guidebooks and further information sources:

What support do parents of children with disabilities receive?

Parents of children with disabilities also receive support services. These include:

Where can we find help and advice?

Health insurance, long-term care insurance, social welfare office? Making applications is time-consuming and complex. Finding the right contact person at the responsible office is also often not easy. Take advantage of help, for example from local disability associations or participation counseling centers, which you can find at

Links for further readingMore information

A guide for families to support in everyday life for parents with a disabled or chronically ill child can be found on the portal Kindergesundheit-Info of the Federal Center for Health Education BZgA.

The Federal Ministry of Labor provides information about rights and assistance for people with disabilities on the website

The action humans offers on the side an overview of consulting places.



The brochure "My child is disabled - these aids are available" (as of 2020) provides an overview of benefits to which affected families are entitled. You can download the brochure from the website of the Bundesverband für körper- und mehrfachbehinderte Menschen e.V. in German as well as other languages.

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has published a "Guide for people with disabilities". The brochure is also available in plain language.

The brochure of the Competence Centers for Self-Determined Living in NRW (KSL) provides an overview of various support options and services for children and parents in the event of developmental abnormalities, chronic diseases or impairments.