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3 to 6 years

Are you looking for reliable information on the education, childcare and development of children aged 3 to 6 years? Do you have questions relating to family issues? This section of Familienportal.NRW is full of practical information and guidance on early education, pre-school childcare and managing the transition to primary school. A lot of decisions have to be made at this time in your child’s life. You're probably asking yourself how best to help your child prepare for primary school. 

There are different ways in which parents can promote the welfare of their children. These include supporting them in ways appropriate for their age, ensuring they eat healthily, encouraging them to be active, and caring about their general wellbeing. Family lifestyle habits and behaviours point the way to a healthy start in life for their children. Here you will find lots of ideas and suggestions on how best to deal with these important issues. 

As soon as they know that their children are well looked after in a childcare facility, parents often start wondering how to achieve a good work-life balance. Our tips on returning to work and having a supportive partner can help you find a better work-life balance. 

In young families money is always a major topic of conservation. Our Finance section has lots of information and guidance on how the state supports parents and children and how you can apply for these benefits. 



Zu Fuß zur Schule und in die Kita!


An den Aktionstagen vom 18. bis 29. September 2023 sind Kinder, Eltern, Lehrkräfte sowie Erzieherinnen und Erzieher aufgerufen, zur Kita und zur Schule zu laufen, radeln oder zu rollern. Es gibt viele Gründe die für den Fußweg sprechen. Tipps für Eltern finden Sie im Beitrag zum Schulwegtraining.


Anmeldung zur Grundschule


Das letzte Kita-Jahr ist angebrochen und Ihr Kind kommt 2024 in die Grundschule? Bis zum 15. November 2023 läuft das Anmeldeverfahren. Unser Fragenkatalog zum kostenlosen Download gibt Ihnen eine gute Orientierung bei der Suche nach der passenden Schule für Ihr Kind.