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10 to 16 years

When your child becomes a teenager, the family enters a new phase. With the arrival of adolescence the balance changes between the parents and their child. Find out more about these changes and the developments taking place during this stage of life. Familienportal.NRW provides useful information as well as answers to frequently asked questions and can help you all navigate this turbulent period of life.

All parents want their children to attend a school that will help them succeed. Children can attend different types of secondary school in NRW. The Childcare & Education section tells you everything you need to know about these different types of schools to help you decide on your child’s education route.

A lot of different issues arise during adolescence. How can parents deal with the balancing act of supporting their teenagers yet otherwise giving them space and privacy?  How should parents talk to their children about sex and contraception? How can parents prevent their children from developing alcohol or drug use problems?  We have compiled a list of information, links and downloads containing advice and guidance relating to this and other issues. If you need professional advice, please contact one of the free school counselling centres in NRW. A list of these specialist support services can be found in the Advice & Guidance section.  

It is also worth taking a look at the Finance & Formalities section. It shares tips on pocket money, tax credits for parents and how to claim benefits and financial support for families. 



Digitale Elternabende vom 25.-29.09.2023


Wie findet Ihr Kind die passende Ausbildung? Die Bundesagentur für Arbeit bietet Eltern eine Woche lang die Möglichkeit, Ausbildungswege  kennenzulernen und mit Unternehmen ins Gespräch zu kommen. Eine Anmeldung ist nicht erforderlich.


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