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18+ years

Goodbye to childhood: your child is now 18 and legally considered an adult. This step towards independence is important for the development of young adults. Parents know this, yet they may still worry about letting go of their child. How will the relationship change? What role do parents play when their children are aged between 18 and 25? 

Even if they are no longer officially responsible for their children, a strong bond remains between adult children and their parents - for the rest of their lives. If you need advice about the road ahead, there is no better place to go than your family. Which career path should I take? These are the sort of questions that parents can always help their children with. Familienportal.NRW shares tips and useful links on career paths and choices – also if young adults want to change careers because they want to try something new. 

Children are usually financially dependent on their parents for quite some time, when they are doing an apprenticeship, studying or changing jobs, for example. The Finance & Formalities section provides useful information on grants and other financial matters. 

When their children leave home, parents can start focussing on their own relationship again. It is not always easy when your children have flown the nest. Parents who feel sad and unable to enjoy the enforced peace and quiet may have empty nest syndrome. Read about how parents whose adult children have left home learn to loosen the ties with them without weakening the bond between them.