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16 to 18 years

Your child is nearly an adult. Friends, cliques and like-minded people become increasingly important, with young people tending to turn to peers for support rather than to their parents. Is that a reason to be concerned? No! The parent-adolescent relationship is still important, even if you feel that you have less influence. At this important stage in their life children need the help and support of both parents as they start to build their adult identities.  

They are also at a point in their life where they need to think carefully about their future career path and best study options. Important decisions need to be made when they take their end-of-school exams. Are they interested in doing an apprenticeship, applying for a combined study programme, or continuing with their school education? What are the career options for young people leaving school without qualifications?  

Others might be asking themselves: What qualifications do I need for my dream job? Which course at university or college would be best for me, considering my strengths and talents? How do I write a successful application? There are so many different career opportunities that it is difficult to know where to start. School leavers in NRW can choose from a huge variety of career advice and guidance services. Familienportal.NRW provides useful information and links to online resources on the routes and options available to young people once they leave school.  

It is easier to transition back to work after a longer break caring for children when your children are older. If you are thinking of returning to work, a variety of advisory and support services will be able to help you. Make use of this support to make sure that your return to work is successful. Learn more about these services in the Work & Family Life section.



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