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School graduation is approaching and your child is well on the way to becoming an adult. Everyday family life is changing again: friends are becoming increasingly important, conversations about the future career are gaining in importance. Most teenagers can hardly wait to finally be allowed to drive their own car and make their own decisions.

At the same time, your child is faced with important questions: How do I imagine my future after school? Vocational training, university, a social year or a trip abroad? What options are there and which ones suit me best? However, the process of leaving home often leads to arguments between children and parents. Perhaps you too are asking yourself questions such as: How much parental influence is okay? How can we continue to have a good conversation?

There are a variety of counseling services available to help with such challenges and to ease the transition from adolescence to adulthood - from general life counseling to specific career counseling and conflict counseling. Some services are aimed at you as parents, others exclusively at the adolescents themselves. Young people between the ages of 16 and 18 often want to look for solutions independently and (initially) independently of their parents.

Here you will find information on counseling options for all topics related to this transition phase.

Information aboutvarious topics