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A trusting relationship with your children is important to parents, even as they gradually grow up and become more independent. Although young people are legally of age at 18, their development is far from complete. The transition to adulthood cannot be limited to a specific age, but is a very individual process.

Parents continue to play an important role in the lives of their growing children. Mothers and fathers remain important contacts in the family relationship when it comes to good advice and decision-making support, even if their role as parents changes significantly.

The development of young people is a multi-layered process that encompasses various aspects: their own personality, social skills and professional inclinations. How can parents support their children in this development process? How much room for self-development is right? How much influence is necessary and right? And how can parents remain a reliable source of advice when their adult offspring have their own experiences and have to overcome challenges?

A lot is going on with young adults at this stage of their lives. Some young adults want to try out lots of things in their new-found freedom, while others don't quite know what to do with themselves. Read here how you can accompany your child on the path to adulthood, resolve conflicts on the way to independence and find the right balance between family closeness and distance.

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