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The choice of elementary school

Parents in NRW can decide which elementary school their child attends


The questionnaire about the school gives parents an orientation

When the last year of kindergarten begins, it also means for parents and children already to decide on an elementary school. Which elementary school should our child go to? What to look for when choosing a suitable elementary school? Here is a list of criteria that can make the decision easier for you.

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What to consider when choosing an elementary school?

  • Distance to school
    How important is it that the school is close to home? Can the child walk to school? When does the child have to leave home in the morning, when will he/she be back?
  • School type
    Which type of school is best for our child?
  • Pedagogical concept
    What is the pedagogical concept of the elementary school? Does the concept fit our child?
  • Security
    Is the way to school safe? Can the child manage the way to school alone?
  • Denomination
    Is it important to us that the school belongs to a particular denomination?
  • School size
    How many classes are there in total? How many students are taught per class? How many teachers teach the children?
  • The first impression
    How does the school present itself? What impression does the website make? What impression does the information evening and the open day give? What impression does the school building make? Are the building, the school grounds and the classrooms well maintained?
  • Care hours
    Will our child come home at lunchtime or should he or she go to an all-day school? How important are reliable childcare hours to us?
  • All-day care
    Who looks after the children? What rooms and play facilities are available to the children? Can the children play outside?
  • Homework
    How is the homework supervision organized?
  • Support offers
    What support services are available at the elementary school for strong/weaker students?
  • Extracurricular activities and focal points
    What extracurricular activities does the elementary school offer? Sports, music, art, languages, ....?
  • Friends
    Which elementary school do the friends go to? What role does this play for our child?
  • Chance of a place
    What is the chance of getting a place at the desired elementary school?
  • Parental contributions
    What are the costs for care, catering and other services?