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Correct heating

Save on heating costs with these 5 tips

What can I do to save energy and heating costs?

Whether gas, electricity or wood: energy costs have risen significantly in recent months. Who wants to save costs, must reduce the heating cost consumption. How that goes, you will learn in this video.

Five tips for the household:

  1. Down with the room temperature! One degree less reduces heating costs by 6 percent!
  2. Bleed the heating system: Heating needs air! A good air circulation saves 12 percent of heating costs! No piece of furniture should stand close in front of your radiators! In addition, 1.5 percent of your heating costs can be saved if you regularly vent your radiators.
  3. Turning down your radiators also turns down your heating costs. During the vacations, keep a constant low room temperature level, for example 18 degrees.
  4. Shower instead of bath! Showering is an energy guzzler. Who showers only five instead of seven minutes, saves about 30 percent energy!
  5. Shock ventilation instead of tilting. Recommended 3 to 4 times a day Stoßzulüften. With the correct airing it depends on the season and the duration. During the heating period in winter you should ventilate for about 5 minutes. In doing so, turn off the heating completely.
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