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How often should my child be breastfed? How do I soothe it when it cries? And what helps them fall asleep and stay asleep? In the first weeks and months after the birth, parents have many questions. You will certainly also need a lot of information. You can find lots of recommended reading for initial information on the Familienportal.NRW.

For help and support in the first year with a baby, you can also contact an advice center in your area at any time. The Familienportal.NRW provides information on where you can find suitable contacts.

In the first few months, babies demand the full attention of mothers and fathers. This can sometimes be quite nerve-wracking. Parental advice centers can help you with any questions you may have after the birth. In person, by phone or online.

The Network for Early Help also has contact points near you. The services are diverse, free of charge and voluntary: from parent-child meetings to crying clinics and parenting courses.

There is special help for parents of children with disabilities, including counseling services, care services and early intervention. Don't be afraid to accept support to make life easier for you and your child.

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