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Cry Ambulances

What to do when the baby cries a lot?

What to do when the baby cries a lot?

Some babies cry for no apparent reason. And sometimes for several hours a day, often in the afternoon or evening hours. They are not sick or hungry or have full diapers. Nevertheless, they cannot be calmed down. Even though such crying episodes are harmless in most cases, they are usually very stressful for parents. In addition to the heavy burden on the parents, there is the worry of doing something wrong.


Possible reasons for crying

Frequent and prolonged crying is nothing unusual in the first weeks. If your baby cries and whines for more than 3 hours on more than 3 days a week over a period of 3 weeks, this is called excessive crying. The cause of such pronounced crying attacks rarely lies with the parents. The screaming can have a variety of causes:

  • Sometimes babies have problems finding their way to sleep.
  • It may be that the baby gets too little sleep during the day, overstimulated and overwhelmed by too many impressions.
  • Some babies find it harder to a sleep-wake rhythm.
  • Some babies are temperamental or restless and require their parents a particularly sensitive response to their needs.
  • Some babies make digestive problems especially in the evening hours. The reason for this is that the digestive system in the first months of life must still mature.

Get advice and support

If you feel overwhelmed: Seek advice from your midwife. Clarification of possible health causes can come from your pediatrician.

In many places, there are also special cry ambulances that parents can turn to. The staff on site will advise you if your child cries a lot and for a long time, sleeps badly or drinks and eats poorly.

Addresses of crying ambulances in your area can be found on this page of the National Center for Early Help. The database will put you in touch with services in your area. Just enter your ZIP code or city.


If your baby cries a lot and you feel overwhelmed, talk to your midwife. You can also get help from your pediatrician.

In addition, there are so-called crying outpatient clinics that you can turn to. There you can get advice from professionals. You can find a crying outpatient clinic near you on the website of the National Center for Early Intervention.

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Please never shake your baby!

If your baby cries frequently for no apparent reason and you are distressed and exhausted by numerous sleepless nights, your child's behavior can easily drive you to despair. Please avoid shaking your baby at all costs! Your baby's neck and head are very vulnerable. Severe brain damage or even death of your baby can be the result!