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Crises & Conflicts

Between the ages of 16 and 18 - on the cusp of adulthood - your child has many stumbling blocks and challenges to overcome. At this age, adolescents develop their own minds and opinions and try to assert them. Cutting the cord is one of the most important developmental tasks. However, it is not uncommon for disagreements to arise with parents, siblings, friends or even teachers at school or in the workplace during this time.

Fears about the future, the search for meaning, pressure to perform, role expectations and emotional fluctuations can lead to crises and conflicts in the family. Minor crises usually pass quickly, but other problems may last longer. Whether it's problems at school, uncertainties about education and career choices or tensions within the family and among friends, there is a way out of most crises and conflicts.

The Familienportal.NRW provides information and tips on how parents and young people can deal with these challenges and overcome crises. Also important to know: You can get help and support at any time in difficult times. Find out here about the free counseling services for parents and young people and where you can find a counseling center near you.

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