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Tax relief

Tax and other financial relief

Relief from taxes and social security contributions

Families are to be relieved financially quickly and noticeably in the energy crisis. To this end, the German government has launched relief packages and tax relief.

High inflation and rising prices in the wake of Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine have made life significantly more expensive. Government measures provide financial security so that people can continue to afford to live. Many measures have a direct impact on net wages.

Where can we find help and advice?

  • What will change taxwise in 2023can be found on this website of the Federal Ministry of Economics.
  • Calculate your personal tax relief for the year 2023.Relief Calculatorof the Federal Ministry of Finance is online.
  • For detailed information on how to benefit from the energy flat rate, visit the website of the Vraucherzentrale.
  • If you have debts or serious payment problems, contact the debt counseling service in North Rhine-Westphalia directly. The experienced counselors will help you. You can find a local counseling center via the portal
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More informationLinks for further reading

Further information on the relief in 2023 is available on the Internet portal of the Federal Ministry of Economics.

For information on the Inflation Adjustment Act, visit the federal government's Internet portal.

A general overview of financial benefits for families is provided by the website "All applications from A to Z" on the Familienportal.NRW.