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A big issue at this age is: Who am I and what's next? Growing up is not always a piece of cake. Young people between the ages of 16 and 18 ask themselves many questions and grapple with numerous issues. They are intensively concerned with their identity, their future and their role in the world. While they took their personality for granted as a child, external perception is now becoming increasingly important. Do I already seem mature enough? Do I know where I want to go in life? What values do I stand for and where do I want to develop in the future?

This form of finding one's identity and discovering and weighing up perspectives can feel overwhelming. The step from "teen" to adult is a special one in the lives of the whole family. Especially the young people themselves, who have to deal with feelings, dreams and visions of the future during this phase of their lives. Parents remain important confidants and contact persons during this time, with whom these thoughts can be shared in an atmosphere of trust. After all, they know their children best.

Because even mothers and fathers who give advice sometimes need good advice, we have compiled information and suggestions here that can help you support your child in their self-discovery.

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