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Career & Family

After the birth of a child, a new phase of life begins for parents. Those who think about their new roles as mother and father during pregnancy and how to achieve a good balance between work and family will find their way into the new situation more quickly.

A successful work-life balance often requires negotiation processes and clear communication within the partnership. The division of labor in the family plays a central role in this.

How do we envision life together? How do we organize the household and childcare? On the Familienportal.NRW you will find some helpful tips and food for thought for dialogues with your partner in order to create a balance between parental duties, professional self-realization and personal development.

In addition to suggestions for negotiation processes in the partnership and information on reconciling family and career, you will also find everything you need to know about parental leave, parental allowance and maternity leave.

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Parental allowance

If you take a break from your job or work part-time after the birth, you will receive parental allowance. This financial benefit allows you to take time for your child and family. Here you will find important information you need to know about parental allowance.