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Crises & Conflicts

Pregnancy is not always a happy experience, and feelings often go on a rollercoaster. Physical changes, relationship problems or a complicated pregnancy are just some of the reasons that can lead to crises.

Sometimes a pregnancy comes into your life very unexpectedly. It calls previous life plans into question and turns them upside down from one day to the next. Pregnant women and fathers-to-be are often faced with the question: Can I manage?

In these challenging situations, it is important to know that you are not alone. Whether you are struggling with financial worries, interpersonal conflicts or emotional highs and lows - there are special advice centers for pregnant women, mothers and fathers in crisis situations that you can always count on. Don't be afraid to accept this help. You are entitled to free advice.

Find out here who you can turn to and where you can find help with crises and conflicts.

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If you are raising your child alone, you can apply for a guardianship for your child at the youth welfare office. The guardian will help you to legally clarify paternity and/or to enforce your child's maintenance claims.

Child supplement

In some families, money is tight. If the parents' income is not enough to provide well for the entire family, there is a monthly supplement from the state in addition to child benefit. In which cases you get the child supplement and how you can apply for it, you can find out here.

Maintenance advance

Care, education, job, household: single parents bear most of the responsibility alone. Financial worries are added when no or not regular maintenance is paid for the child by the other parent. In this situation, single parents can apply for advance maintenance payments.