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Adoption costs

What are the costs of adopting a child?

What are the costs associated with adoption?

When couples with a desire to have children think about adoption, the costs are often secondary at first. However, the amounts to be spent differ considerably depending on the type of adoption: With a domestic adoption, the costs are manageable. With an international adoption, you must assume significantly higher expenses. In this article, we give you an overview.

Do we need a lawyer and how much does it cost?

Representation by a lawyer is usually not necessary. If you would like to clarify your questions about adoption with a lawyer, these consultation costs must be borne by you.

Inquire about what fees will be charged: Fees can be based on time and effort per hour, a flat fee, or the German Lawyers' Fees Act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz). For entitled persons, there is counseling assistance under certain conditions.


Where can we find help and advice?

If you have questions about the process and costs of a domestic or international adoption, you can contact the adoption agency of your youth welfare office or the adoption agencies in church as well as in non-denominational sponsorship. You can find contact details on the Familienportal.NRW in the article "Adoption agencies".

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With the brochure "Adoption - an overview for interested parties", the Central Adoption Offices of the two State Youth Welfare Offices in North Rhine-Westphalia give you answers to general questions about adoption.

In the brochure "Adopting a child - legal information and advice" you will find extensive information about adoption as well as a chapter on costs. The brochure is available for download free of charge on the federal government's family portal.