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Putting a child up for adoption

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Putting a child up for adoption

Giving a child security, love and safety is difficult in some life situations. A pregnancy that is far too early, financial difficulties, domestic violence in the family, lack of support or the depressing feeling of being completely overwhelmed with the demands - all of these can be reasons, among others, to think about a release for adoption. But adoption release is only one way of providing support in such a stressful situation.

In this article, find out where affected women and couples in North Rhine-Westphalia can find contact points where they can receive sensitive advice and support.

Is an adoption release the right way to go?

There is no simple answer to this. After all, the question is about shaping the life of the child and a decision with a great responsibility. To this end, one must know that adoption has far-reaching consequences. After all, with the release, parents irrevocably give up all rights and obligations - including the right of access.

A well-founded consultation in an adoption agency of the youth welfare office or an independent agency can help to better classify one's own family situation and to make a responsible decision.

What is the process of a consultation at the adoption agency?

The first points of contact are the adoption agencies of the youth welfare offices and the independent agencies. You can contact the professionals there at any time with your questions, concerns and requests for information.

The adoption agencies have the express mandate to advise and support expectant mothers and couples in the run-up to the decision-making process. The consultation in an adoption agency is basically confidential and open-ended. Together with the professionals, you can clarify whether adoption can be the right path for you. The counseling can also lead to the decision that an adoption release is not a good solution. During the counseling sessions, you will be supported in making a responsible decision about your child's future. Therefore, do not be afraid to accept the free counseling offer at an early stage.

The professionals in the counseling centers arrange assistance, point out alternatives and provide comprehensive information about which forms of adoption are available. You will also receive professional support here in coping with the social and psychological effects in connection with an impending or already completed adoption release.

What are the requirements for the adoption procedure?

The parents' decision to have their child placed by an adoption agency with the aim of adoption can be made at any time - even before birth. However, parents can only give a binding adoption release in principle when the child is eight weeks old.

In principle, the declaration of consent from both parents is necessary. If the father is unknown, the consent of the mother is sufficient. The declaration of release can be made at the earliest eight weeks after birth. If your child is older than 14, he or she must consent to the adoption himself or herself. The declaration of consent must be notarized by a notary public. It cannot be reversed.

Where can I find an adoption agency?

Contact addresses of adoption agencies of the Youth Welfare Office and of independent agencies can be found by clicking on the following links:

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