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Family & Partnership

It is the parents' responsibility to create a family environment in which their child can experience respect and appreciation, love and security as well as support and co-determination.

Why do we need children's rights? And what do they mean for parenting? You may have already thought about this when you heard about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

But what rights do children actually have? In short, you could say that they describe everything that children need to grow up well and healthy. Read here to find out what these rights are in detail and what they mean in education.

By the way, "children" in the Convention on the Rights of the Child refers to all people under the age of 18, including young people.As parents, you play a central role in your child's development and are therefore also responsible for doing everything you can to help your child grow up happily.

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Marriage certificate

You need another marriage certificate? You can obtain your marriage certificate from the registry office in whose area the marriage took place. The registry office issues it from the marriage register.

Civil partnership certificate

You need another civil partnership certificate? You can only obtain your civil partnership certificate from the registry office in whose area the civil partnership was established.