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Maintenance advance

All information on the maintenance advance at a glance.

This is what you should know if you are a single parent

You are a single parent and bear most of the responsibility alone? And you also have financial worries after the separation because the child support payments are not forthcoming? What happens if the other parent does not pay child support, only partially or not regularly? In these cases, you can apply for advance maintenance payments. You can find all important information on the benefit and application here.

Your local child support advance office will assist you with the application process if needed.

What is the advance on maintenance payments?

The maintenance advance is a substitute payment for missing maintenance payments of the other parent. If it would actually be possible for the other parent to pay maintenance, the state reclaims the maintenance advance paid.

Maintenance advance is paid by the state on a provisional basis. The state advances the money if the maintenance-obliging ex-partner or the ex-partner does not pay or cannot pay, and reclaims it to the extent of the financial possibilities from the other parent.

If the other parent is solvent, the paid maintenance advance is reclaimed from him by the state.

To find out whether the defaulting parent is solvent, he is requested to disclose the income situation. If the information is refused, the maintenance advance office can query information, for example, about the income, with the employer, tax office, insurance companies and social security agencies. If necessary, it can come to the complaint and also to the execution.

The maintenance advance is, however, only repayable by the parent liable for maintenance if he is financially able to do so.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, the recovery from the parent liable for maintenance is usually a matter for the NRW State Office of Finance. You can find a lot of important information about this on the pages of the Landesamt für Finanzen.

Maintenance advance simply explained

Apply for maintenance advance online now - Here's how it works

Not only can you easily apply for advance maintenance payments completely digitally via the application link, but you can also, for example, quickly and easily determine whether you meet the basic requirements for the payment of advance maintenance:

It is about the welfare of your child

Your child has a legal right to advance maintenance payments if no maintenance is paid or if maintenance is not paid regularly. It is then used to financially secure the basic needs of the child. These include costs for food, clothing, housing, hobbies and leisure activities, schooling and pocket money. Your child has a right to grow up well provided for. Therefore, you should not refrain from applying for the maintenance advance if your child meets the requirements for it. Your local maintenance advance office will assist you with the application if necessary.

Further information on the advance on maintenance payments

Where can I find help and advice?

If you have questions about the maintenance advance or the application process, please contact the maintenance advance office. In most municipalities, this office is part of the youth welfare office. You can find out which youth welfare office is responsible for your place of residence by using the Youth Welfare Office Finder.

You can also submit a free application for Behindsupport to clarify and claim maintenance.

Make a requestMaintenance advance

More informationLinks for further reading

Questions and answers for persons liable to pay maintenance can be found on the portal of the NRW tax authorities.


You can download the brochure "Der Unterhaltsvorschuss" from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth free of charge.

The Federal Association of single mothers and fathers has compiled tips and information on separation and divorce and much more in the brochure "alleinerziehend".