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As soon as it is certain that a baby is on the way, everything revolves around a healthy pregnancy. Not only does the belly grow from week to week, but so does the anticipation of the new arrival. During this exciting time, parents-to-be have a particularly great need for information.

Will our child be healthy? How will the routine antenatal appointments go? Where will our baby be born? Hospital? At home? Or would we prefer a birthing center? What do we need to consider when choosing a place of birth? You can find answers to these and many other questions here on Familienportal.NRW.

How do we find a midwife with free capacity in the region? Get valuable tips for finding a midwife who will provide you with competent and loving support before, during and after the birth. By the way, you shouldn't wait too long to start your search.

Find out important details about prenatal care, medical support and prenatal diagnostics.

Good to know: Expectant mothers and parents with a disability receive special support from the state. We explain what assisted parenthood is, how it works and where to find advice centers in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Midwifery Aid

The midwife is a valuable companion during pregnancy and the postpartum period. (Expectant) mothers who have statutory health insurance are entitled to the support of a midwife before and after birth. The costs are covered by the health insurance.

Maternity benefits

During the maternity protection periods, (expectant) mothers are under special legal protection. Before and after the birth, they are not allowed to work for a certain period of time. The Maternity Protection Act ensures that mothers do not suffer any financial disadvantage during this time. Employees receive up to 100 percent of their previous net income, consisting of maternity pay and an employer allowance.