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Care & education

With their first educational qualification in the bag, young adults are faced with a multitude of options and decisions regarding their professional future. Many questions are buzzing around in their heads: What career opportunities will open up with the educational qualification they have achieved? Does it make sense to opt for a dual apprenticeship that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience? Or would it be better to study at a university, and if so, which one?

In addition to school and vocational training, many additional options have been added in recent years: Perhaps an orientation year is the right thing for your child to start with? Young adults can discover the world through Work&Travel and gain a lot of personal experience along the way. Or perhaps voluntary service? Socially and ecologically committed organizations and companies are always looking for active support.

These decisions are often not easy to make, and the multitude of options can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, there is no one right path that leads to professional success and satisfaction. Every young person has their own interests, strengths and goals that need to be taken into account. As parents, you are an important advisor to your children during this phase. You can help your child by providing information about the various educational and career paths and discussing different options together.

Find out here what opportunities and paths are open to young people, where helpful information can be found and how they can continue on the second educational path if they need new prospects after dropping out.

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