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Family & Partnership

For all your good fortune, parenting isn't always easy. Whether you are raising your child alone, have to find new roles in the couple relationship or live together in a colorful family model: There are always challenges to overcome. Here you will find suggestions and advice on how to create a family life in which children grow up happily.

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Marriage certificate

You need another marriage certificate? You can obtain your marriage certificate from the registry office in whose area the marriage took place. The registry office issues it from the marriage register.

Civil partnership certificate

You need another civil partnership certificate? You can only obtain your civil partnership certificate from the registry office in whose area the civil partnership was established.

Maternity recognition

In Germany, motherhood is clearly regulated: Mother of a child is the woman who gave birth to the child.
This regulation does not apply to all countries. If the mother is not married, according to the law of some states, a relationship between mother and child only arises when the mother makes a declaration in which she acknowledges the child.

Declaration of care

Whether it's about choosing a school, taking part in a vacation camp or medical treatment, many decisions have to be made while a child is growing up. Even parents who are not married to each other can share this responsibility for your child. Here you can find out what joint custody means and how to arrange it.

Acknowledgement of paternity

If the parents are not married to each other, the natural father of a child is not automatically also the legally recognized father. Recognition with all rights and obligations only takes place through the public certification of a declaration by the father. The mother must agree to the declaration.