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Crises & Conflicts

Puberty has a certain reputation: teenagers are considered moody and unapproachable for parents. Tensions are inevitable when hormones are on a rollercoaster. This can be stressful for the whole family, and of course also for the teenagers themselves, who can't simply get out of their emotional states.

The good news is that most arguments and disagreements that happen during this time disappear just as quickly as they came and the house is quickly put back on an even keel. But what happens when events and developments lead to a deeper crisis? The demands at school increase, the dynamics in the circle of friends change, old hobbies are suddenly no longer fun and then, for many pupils, graduation comes knocking. Not to forget: The body changes quickly or not quickly enough. The big comparisons with friends begin and can lead to self-doubt.

As a parent, you may not be involved in many of the new situations your child is going through, but you can still provide support. What's more, you are not alone in challenging times. If you are at a loss or need acute help, you should not be afraid to seek professional support.You can find more information here.

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If you are raising your child alone, you can apply for a guardianship for your child at the youth welfare office. The guardian will help you to legally clarify paternity and/or to enforce your child's maintenance claims.

Maintenance advance

Care, education, job, household: single parents bear most of the responsibility alone. Financial worries are added when no or not regular maintenance is paid for the child by the other parent. In this situation, single parents can apply for advance maintenance payments.