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Health & Child

The period of adolescence is characterized by numerous changes, both physically and emotionally. During this phase, your child goes through an intensive development process that is accompanied by major physical changes and emotional upheavals. Although teenagers often give the impression that they have everything under control, special attention and parental care for their well-being and health is of great importance at this time.

With the onset of puberty, the body suddenly takes on a different significance and is often critically scrutinized and felt by teenagers themselves. Hair sprouts, the voice changes, half of all teenagers get their period for the first time and the monthly cycle begins. All these changes can cause physical discomfort, which can make adolescents feel insecure and depressed. Now it is particularly important to offer them a sympathetic ear and help them to understand their new experiences.

At Familienportal.NRW, we offer you comprehensive information and advice to help you talk to your child about important health issues in adolescence. From physical development and nutrition to mental well-being and dealing with stress and strain.

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