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Puberty is a time full of highs and lows and emotions often run high - for both young people and parents. That's why there are professional advice centers in NRW that you can turn to with all your concerns and questions. The numerous youth counseling services can be accessed by phone, in person or online, just like parent counseling.

You notice that your child is always looking for excuses not to eat? And you are afraid that they have developed an eating disorder? A disorder often begins during puberty and can have serious consequences. With the information here on the Familienportal.NRW, you and the affected child can find professional help to find a way out of the eating disorder.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are also major issues on the path to adulthood - especially when young people feel attracted to their own gender. Read here to find out how you as a parent can support your child in coming out.

Puberty is particularly challenging for young people with a history of immigration. Many first have to find their way in a new environment and the normal difficulties of growing up also await them. There are numerous networks in North Rhine-Westphalia that offer support. You can find out what these are in the relevant focus section.

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