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Changing emotions, little sleep and the huge responsibility for a small, helpless being: Despite all the happiness, the first weeks and months after the birth cost parents a lot of strength.

You may have heard of the baby blues or be in the middle of it: instead of maternal happiness, hormones are on a rollercoaster and tears are often flowing. We have some valuable tips to help you get through the baby blues.

As a mother, it is important to give yourself plenty of rest in the postnatal period. This helps you to get to know your child intensively and allows you to enjoy the closeness together. We have summarized advice and tips on the topic of the postpartum period for you here.

A balanced diet is particularly important during breastfeeding. But what do mothers need to provide their baby with all the nutrients? And what does a balanced diet mean? You can find the answers here.

During pregnancy, the body performs at its best for nine months. After the birth, careful postnatal recovery helps to get the body back into shape and prevent long-term consequences and complaints. Read more about the importance of postnatal recovery.

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Maternity benefits

During the maternity protection periods, (expectant) mothers are under special legal protection. Before and after the birth, they are not allowed to work for a certain period of time. The Maternity Protection Act ensures that mothers do not suffer any financial disadvantage during this time. Employees receive up to 100 percent of their previous net income, consisting of maternity pay and an employer allowance.