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Promotion for your own property

The state and federal development banks support home ownership with low-interest loans

Promotion for your own property

How property can be acquired despite high interest rates and high purchase prices and what funding options are available is explained here by development consultant Florian Kurth for NRW.BANK as an example. The German federal development bank KFW also supports the purchase of residential property and energy-efficient renovations (see link in the right-hand column).

Interest rates and construction costs are currently high, but what public funding can families in NRW use to fulfill their dream of owning their own four walls?

Florian Kurth: Such a large family project has to be financed. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia and NRW.BANK provide support and offer low-interest development loans with long terms for new builds, purchases, conversions and the modernization of existing properties.

Who benefits from the NRW state housing subsidy and what requirements must be met?

Florian Kurth: People on low to medium incomes can receive highly subsidized loans from the state's housing subsidy. These have particularly low interest rates, long terms and grant repayment discounts. In addition, NRW.BANK offers its own development programs with attractive conditions that are subject to medium income limits. We have raised the income threshold for the NRW.BANK.Wohneigentum program, thus also enabling access for emerging households that were previously unable to benefit from a subsidy.

How can people check now whether they are eligible for funding?

Florian Kurth: It's very simple. With the interactive opportunity checker from the state and NRW.BANK, interested parties can get an initial assessment of whether their case meets the requirements for funding.

Why is the energy-efficient modernization of old existing properties so important and is this also being promoted?

Florian Kurth: Contemporary living space is characterized by energy efficiency, among other things. It is not only good for the environment, but also saves considerable costs. If a building has complete and up-to-date thermal insulation and efficient building services with the use of renewable energies, energy savings of over 60 percent compared to the unrenovated state are very possible.

What personal advice would you give to families who are thinking about building, modernizing or buying a home?

Florian Kurth: Planning is everything. That's the most important thing, otherwise the dream of owning your own home can quickly lead to sleepless nights. And ask about public funding before the purchase contract is signed and initial construction work begins. The entitlement to public funding is checked by the local approval authorities for public housing subsidies. For other loans, the house bank. Otherwise: keep your nerve. Building or modernizing property can take time and energy. But it's worth it in the end.

Where to get help and advice

If you would like individual advice on public funding and financing options, NRW.BANK's funding advisors will be happy to assist you. To arrange an appointment, call the Service Center on 0211 91741-4500, write a message to or use the callback service under Contact on the website

You can also contact your financial advisor at your bank or savings bank at any time for information on public subsidies for your property.

Further informationLinks to read more

With NRW.BANK's opportunity checker, you can get an initial assessment of the possibilities for housing promotion.

You can find an overview of the housing promotion programs on the NRW.BANK portal.

The KfW has improved the promotional conditions for the "Home ownership for families" loan on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Construction. Information on this can be found on the KfW Bank website under the keyword "Home ownership for families".