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A child changes the world. Hardly anyone can imagine how much before the birth. The emotional and practical challenges can trigger a rollercoaster of emotions, especially for first-time parents. It may take a while for you to adjust to your new everyday life as a family. While you get to know your little one better and better, there are many things to think about in the first few days after the birth.

Registering your child at the registry office, informing the health insurance company, applying for child benefit and parental allowance - these are just a few of the to-do's on your list.

To help you get off to a successful start in your new family life and enjoy everyday life with a baby to the full, you can find valuable advice here on the Familienportal.NRW to help you complete the organizational tasks in no time at all. This will leave you more time for the precious moments with your newborn.

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If you are raising your child alone, you can apply for a guardianship for your child at the youth welfare office. The guardian will help you to legally clarify paternity and/or to enforce your child's maintenance claims.

Marriage certificate

You need another marriage certificate? You can obtain your marriage certificate from the registry office in whose area the marriage took place. The registry office issues it from the marriage register.

Parental allowance

If you take a break from your job or work part-time after the birth, you will receive parental allowance. This financial benefit allows you to take time for your child and family. Here you will find important information you need to know about parental allowance.

Birth announcement

The birth of your child must be reported to the relevant registry office.

Birth announcement - certificate miscarriage

A miscarriage or stillbirth is a severe blow for the parents concerned. You can report the birth at the competent registry office and get a certificate of this.

Birth announcement - home birth

If your child was born at home, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to report the birth.

Birth certificate

You can get the birth certificate for your child from the registry office of the place of birth.

Childcare - Registration

You are looking for a place for your child in day care or a day nursery? This way! Find out as early as possible from the daycare center or daycare provider of your choice or from your local youth welfare office whether there are free childcare places at the facility or daycare provider you want.

Childcare - calculation of the parental contribution

You have received the commitment for a childcare place for your child? Then you will certainly also want to know how high the parental contributions for the childcare place are. Find out early on from your local youth welfare office whether it charges parental contributions, how much they are, if any, and what the assessment basis is for the amount of the contribution. This information is specified in the local parent contribution statutes.

Childcare - waiver of parental contribution

You have received the commitment for a childcare place for your child? Then you would certainly also like to know whether you have to pay parental contributions for the care place. Find out early at your local youth welfare office, whether it collects parental contributions, how much they are, if any, and which assessment basis applies to the amount of the contribution. This information is specified in the local parental contribution statutes. If you receive unemployment benefit II or social welfare, social assistance, housing benefit, asylum benefits or child supplement, you will be exempt from parental contributions for the months in which you receive these benefits.

Child benefit

Child benefit is paid to all families, regardless of their income. It is paid from birth until at least the child's 18th birthday. Under certain conditions, child benefit is available until the 25th birthday.

Child supplement

In some families, money is tight. If the parents' income is not enough to provide well for the entire family, there is a monthly supplement from the state in addition to child benefit. In which cases you get the child supplement and how you can apply for it, you can find out here.

Civil partnership certificate

You need another civil partnership certificate? You can only obtain your civil partnership certificate from the registry office in whose area the civil partnership was established.

Maternity benefits

During the maternity protection periods, (expectant) mothers are under special legal protection. Before and after the birth, they are not allowed to work for a certain period of time. The Maternity Protection Act ensures that mothers do not suffer any financial disadvantage during this time. Employees receive up to 100 percent of their previous net income, consisting of maternity pay and an employer allowance.

Declaration of care

Whether it's about choosing a school, taking part in a vacation camp or medical treatment, many decisions have to be made while a child is growing up. Even parents who are not married to each other can share this responsibility for your child. Here you can find out what joint custody means and how to arrange it.

Maintenance advance

Care, education, job, household: single parents bear most of the responsibility alone. Financial worries are added when no or not regular maintenance is paid for the child by the other parent. In this situation, single parents can apply for advance maintenance payments.

Acknowledgement of paternity

If the parents are not married to each other, the natural father of a child is not automatically also the legally recognized father. Recognition with all rights and obligations only takes place through the public certification of a declaration by the father. The mother must agree to the declaration.